Vision Restored With NUCCA Chiropractic

Restored Vision Success Story

"In October 2011, I was admitted to Children’s Hospital because I had suddenly lost my vision in my left eye.  They ran tests, sent me to ophthalmology, neurology and neurophthalmology, and had me undergo MRIs.  Their final word was that my brain was normal, my eye was normal, and that my eye just wasn’t getting a message from my brain about what it was seeing.  They told me to come back in a few months if my vision did not come back!!  I felt like they weren’t believing what was happening to me and just sending me home.

Just after that, my grandma was in seeing Dr. Besso and was telling him about what had happened.  He asked her to please bring me in as he was just as frustrated as I was about not getting any real answers at the hospital.  When we came in to Besso Clinic of Chiropractic, we were met with friendly faces and very welcomed.  Dr. Besso spent a lot of time asking me about what was happening with my vision and also about all of my past medical issues and even things from when I was much younger. 

poweI finally felt like a doctor was listening to me.   After reviewing the x-rays with us, he told us that a fall I had had late in the summer could have been one of the big issues that may have caused me to gradually lose my vision.  There was some compression in my neck and he was hopeful that if he worked on that, my vision might gradually come back.

After three weeks of relief care, I noticed my eye began to water.  A few days later I could see some hazy light and shortly after that I had some burning pain in my eye for about a day.  The next morning, I could really tell that my vision was coming back.  After a total of close to four weeks, my vision had completely returned!!!!  I have continued my therapy with Dr. Besso to make sure that my neck stays strong and in place.  I have even had some great relief of my arthritis that had been diagnosed just shortly before I had lost my vision!!!

My family all believes that this has been nothing short of a miracle!  We are so grateful to Dr. Besso and his knowledge and that this type of therapy has been so helpful for me.  The timing in having my grandma visiting him and talking about my situation was definitely not a coincidence and I am SO glad we came in to see him! "

Alexa R.  Tallmadge, OH

So, how can this happen?  Why is a patient recovery like this so shocking to the traditional medical establishment, and maybe even to you the reader?

In a future post I'm going to post a link to some recently published literature on Cerebral Spinal Fluid flow improvement with a Specific Upper Cervical Chiropractic Correction (especially for the analytical readers), and hopefully it will help connect the dots for you.

I believe our body is designed to heal itself.  If a health problem arises your body can heal when given the right support and by ensuring the nerve system is functioning optimally.

The brain controls and coordinates the functions of the rest of the body and if there is a misalignment where the brain meets the body ( at the Atlas, C-1 level) then the nerve system will not function optimally, blood flow and cerebral spinal fluid flow to and from the brain will be compromised, and malfunction throughout the body will ensue.

It's simple, and I realize the idea is too simple for some to fathom.  But it works.

Thank God!

Dr. Geoff Besso

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