A Veterans Guide to Whiplash or Concussion-Related Headaches

whiplash, Stow chiropractorMany veterans are no strangers to seeking a Stow chiropractor. And, it’s not because chiropractic services are a standard part of a veteran’s medical package. Instead, they do it because upper cervical adjustments help restore their bodies’ vitality after suffering from traumatic injuries like whiplash and concussion.

If you’re new to upper cervical care, or if you’re a veteran or a loved one worried about concussion or whiplash-related headaches and migraine attacks, our discussion below can provide you with valuable insights. 


Explaining Whiplash, Concussion, and Migraines Among Veterans

Whiplash and concussion are among the most common injuries soldiers suffer from during their tours. These injuries can happen when they suffer a blow to the neck or head because of the impact of explosives. The symptoms could also develop because of accidents while riding a Humvee or other vehicles. 

However, unlike visible injuries like an open cut on the leg or head, whiplash and concussion tend to develop weeks or months after the incident. The worse part is that both injuries can cause crippling symptoms like chronic and persistent migraine attacks even after a soldier completes the tour or decides to retire for good. 

So, how exactly does this happen? What’s the key connection between whiplash, concussions, and migraine symptoms in a veteran like you? Our Stow chiropractor explains some factors on migraine, whiplash, and concussion. So, let’s take a closer look. 

  • More than 185,000 veterans develop at least one type of traumatic brain injury.
  • Concussions and whiplash injuries are risk factors for severe migraines.
  • Mild traumatic brain injuries like concussions can trigger migraine episodes years after the physical injuries heal.
  • Whiplash and other forms of neck trauma can aggravate migraine attacks decades after the incident occurred.
  • Case studies show that most people who suffer from neck injuries and TBI have misaligned neck bones. Unfortunately, this often leads to brainstem irritation, poor cerebrospinal fluid drainage, and neurovascular compression


Postural Imbalance – The Reason for Chronic Headaches and Migraines

Unknown to many people, a postural imbalance can affect other things besides self-confidence. That’s because the spinal column protects two of the most sensitive parts of the body: the spinal cord and brainstem. 

If your upper neck bones shift even by a few millimeters, they can alter the alignment and structure of the spinal column. It causes your nervous system to malfunction and fail to deliver correct information to various body parts. It also impedes blood circulation. 

The neck bone shifting can also shorten your cervical spine, limiting your head movements and twisting the attached muscles and joints. Consequently, the changes in your cervical spine shorten muscle fiber in the pectoral and trapezoid regions. This causes a tugging sensation on the base of the neck and increases sensitization in your head.  

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and migraines and other headaches download our complimentary e-book Natural and Drug-Free Ways to End Your Migraines below.


How Does Upper Cervical Care Fit in the Picture?

Many veterans rely on upper cervical care to eliminate the pain and discomfort caused by their migraine attacks. In fact, a significant number of these individuals have found massive relief after they successfully retrain their spine. But why is it so effective? 

Case studies explain that it all boils down to the ability of upper cervical chiropractic aims to restore balance and eliminate signal interferences in the cervical spine. It also helps patients ease muscle tension to prevent additional mechanical pressure on the skull, brainstem, and nerve roots. 

To help you picture how upper cervical chiropractic works, here are some facts and statistics: 

  • Upper cervical care is a specialized chiropractic approach. 
  • It focuses on keeping the C1 and C2 bones in proper alignment to prevent migraine-causing problems such as: 
  • The technique uses state-of-the-art imaging tests like 3D x-ray scans to gauge the severity of neck bone misalignments.
  • It also assesses changes in the leg alignment and the presence of nerve damage.
  • The gentle toggle provided by an upper cervical doctor helps ease the bones back in place.
  • No upper cervical chiropractic care is the same, so doctors of chiropractic customize the adjustments according to the needs of the patients.
  • Just like a typical visit to your primary doctor, your initial upper cervical chiropractic appointment also involves understanding your health complaints and medical history.
  • Your recovery depends on how long you’ve had the cervical subluxation and how fast your spine adapts.
  • You can come back to your upper cervical doctor as many times as you want. This will allow you to assess your neck bones and ensure that your C1 and C2 bones stay in place. 


A Stow Chiropractor Relieves Concussion and Whiplash-related Symptoms 

Whiplash and concussions are inevitable for many men and women serving and protecting the country. Thankfully, upper cervical chiropractic doctors are committed to providing customized, gentle, and precise neck bone adjustments. 

We strongly recommend talking to our upper cervical chiropractor if you previously hurt your head or neck while on tour. This way, we can assess your C1 and C2 bones and start providing top-notch chiropractic adjustments. Let’s help you nurse your body back to health and enjoy your retirement from your military service.  

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