Vertigo Doctor in Ohio Helps Those Suffering with Dizziness, Vertigo and Disequilibrium

Vertigo, Dizzy, Spinning, MenieresLatest Vertigo Research

A recent study published in May of 2015 shows that 80% of patients who suffer a traffic accident associated whiplash injury who complained of these symptoms showed cerebrospinal hypervolemia or decreased volume of the fluid that cushion your brain. 1

Vertigo is described as an illusion of the environment or the room spinning around one self. Along with Dizziness and motion sickness these all relate to balance and equilibrium which is maintained by a complex interaction of the following parts of the nervous system:

  • Inner Ear
  • Eyes
  • Pressure receptors in your joints and your spine
  • Muscles and joint sensory receptors
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Lastly, the most important part:

The central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) which process all of the information to maintain balance and equilibrium.  Vertigo occurs when the brain receives conflicting information from the different areas of the body.2

At The Besso Clinic, Dr. Geoff Besso specializes in a technique known as Upper Cervical. This technique focuses on delivering a specific scientific correction to the Atlas or C1 vertebrae which houses the brainstem or connection between the brain and the spinal cord allowing the body improve the way it sends and process information.  This advanced technique has studied and proven to be successful at helping many who suffer from dizziness, motion sickness and vertigo get their life back.3   If you have been involved in an accident, slip or fall Dr. Besso suggests you take a preventative approach to ensure your Atlas vertebrae is not currently placing pressure on your brain stem which could lead to ongoing symptoms.

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