Understanding and Dealing with Chronic Migraines

chronic migrainesWhile it's easy for some people to dismiss a migraine as just a horrible headache, dealing with chronic migraines is a far different endeavor. Indeed, the headache is the primary complaint you may hear from someone dealing with migraines, especially on a more chronic level. However, migraines have more symptoms than just a bad headache.

This article discusses this commonly misperceived condition and how at the Besso Clinic of Chiropractic, you can find a migraine chiropractor in Stow, OH to partner with you on your road to healing. If you or someone you know has migraines, read on to learn more about the condition and a natural way to find relief.


What happens when you have chronic migraines?  

Migraines cannot be dismissed as mere headaches because they are, in fact, a neurological condition. While the primary causes have yet to be determined, a person who has this condition will experience sensory sensitivities. He or she may have a sudden aversion to bright lights, sharp and pungent odors, as well as loud and repetitive noises. 

In worse cases, a person with chronic migraines may also experience vertigo, nausea, changes in vision, and neck pain or stiffness. Other patients also go through depression and anxiety, along with diminished cognitive function. 

Anyone dealing with chronic migraines will have a migraine episode at least 15 days per month. But those with more unfortunate cases may have these attacks almost daily, which can hinder them from working a job or spending time with loved ones. 

There are several migraine phases. It all begins with the prodrome phase, which occurs the day before the headache comes. The next phase is the aura phase. Some migraine sufferers experience visual or sensory disturbances during the aura phase. The headache phase consists of throbbing or pounding head pain that may last 4-72 hours. The postdrome phase is when the sufferer experiences a migraine “hangover” as they recover from the head pain and other symptoms like nausea and vomiting.   

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and migraines and other headaches download our complimentary e-book Natural and Drug-Free Ways to End Your Migraines below.


What are migraines with aura?

Migraines with aura are the rarer case among those dealing with migraines. Apart from the usual headache, 20-25% of migraine sufferers also experience sensory disturbances such as numbness, tingling sensations, or temporary vision loss. Others see zigzag lines or flashing lights. 

A person afflicted with migraines with aura is also more pre-disposed to depression and suicidal thoughts. According to the Migraine Research Foundation, around 90% of those who suffer from migraines are unable to carry out the most basic tasks once an attack happens. The World Health Organization also ranked migraines as one of the top 20 most debilitating diseases in the world. It is paralleled among other illnesses such as terminal cancer, back pain, and depression. It’s easy to see how a person suffering from migraines could also struggle with depression. Thankfully, there is a form of natural care that has proven to be effective for migraine relief.


What is another predominant symptom of chronic migraines apart from headaches?

Fatigue is the most common complaint of those suffering from chronic migraines. There is also the added stress of not accomplishing the needed tasks during that day when the attack occurs. 

When that stress begins to pile up, the patient’s condition may worsen. It is advised to have them perform a task or hobby that is most enjoyable to them to prevent this from happening. The reduced stress can only improve the overall quality of their lives.


Is there a cure for chronic migraines?

Because medical experts have yet to pinpoint the primary cause of migraines, they have yet to identify a relief that works for everyone. Daily medication may help for the short-term, but it does not necessarily stop the attacks altogether. 

For some patients, the side effects of such drugs are worse than the benefits, which can add to the frustration that patients feel. Medication overuse headaches can also occur from pain medication being used too often. 


Is there natural relief for chronic migraines?

What cannot be cured by prescription drugs can be relieved by natural methods. One natural method is upper cervical chiropractic care. 

Several research studies have documented that some migraine patients who received upper cervical chiropractic care went from experiencing chronic migraines to getting rid of them completely. Other patients in the studies saw a significant reduction in the frequency of their attacks. 

How does upper cervical care help relieve migraines? A misalignment of the upper cervical spine may affect the brainstem. Also, it can impede the proper flow of blood and cerebrospinal fluid to and from the brain. No matter how small the misalignment may be, when the top two vertebrae of the spine are not in correct alignment, they can cause problems that can potentially lead to chronic migraine attacks. Head or neck trauma, poor posture, trips and falls, and other things of this nature can cause the vertebrae to misalign. Correcting the misalignment enables the body’s central nervous system to function properly once again.

If you are looking for a migraine chiropractor in Stow, OH, contact us at Besso Clinic of Chiropractic. You might be a few gentle adjustments away from finding relief from your migraines!


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