Tune in Today!: A Patient Will Share Her Success with Migraines on Ch. 3's Good Company (sneak peek below)

This week, on Wednesday May 16th at 10:40, our patient Carrie N. will be joining Dr. Besso on Good Company (WKYC Channel 3) to share her story of relief from neck pain and migraine headaches. She's excited to share the difference upper cervical chiropractic has made in her life. Tune in to Channel 3 at 10:00 am (so you don't miss it)!

I was first diagnosed with migraines in 2000. Prior to that, I had neck pain, back
pain (sciatica), and shoulder injuries/pain. During the summer of 2010, I began
relief care with a traditional chiropractor. While I had some relief of sciatica,
my neck pain and frequency of my migraines continued to increase. When the
frequency increased to between 4 to 6 every month, my PCP referred me to a
neurologist. I was sent for an MRI of the brain to check for tumors, had blood
work performed to check everything, and I was sent to an ortho surgeon for the
numbness in my hands/arms. I then had a nerve conduction study done.

All tests came back normal. I didn’t receive any answers as to why the increase
in migraines, neck pain and numbness in my hands and arms were causing me to
have a ‘slushy’ head feeling.

My supervisor at work was aware of how much pain I was working through every
day between the migraines and neck pain. So, for Christmas she gave me a gift
certificate for an evaluation at the Besso Clinic of Chiropractic. I knew it was going
to be a big commitment (since I live an hour away) and a financial commitment too,
but it has been worth it!

I work in the medical field, so when I got to see my x-rays, I couldn’t believe how
bad they were. I knew that I had degeneration in my neck and two bone spurs, but
the counter rotation is what blew me away. NOW I had the answers I had been
looking for!! Now I knew what was causing the numbness, deep neck pain, ‘slushy’
head feeling, and migraines. It only took three to four NUCCA sessions to get rid of
all the numbness from my left hand/arm, and just a few more sessions for the right

I hardly ever take pain medications now and I have only had two migraines in
almost four months, both of which were bad weather related. My neurologist was
so happy at my last follow up that I was taken off of my daily preventative migraine
medication. The staff is top notch and I would tell anyone that had neck or back
pain to get here fast for relief!

Carrie N.    Polk, OH


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