Testimonial Tuesday: From Low Back Pain to Picking Tomatoes!

"Before coming to Besso Clinic in Stow, I was having problems with pain in my lower back.  I had trouble with everyday events in my life; such as going up and down stairs in my home and bending over to pick tomatoes out of the garden in my yard.  This was a major problem and hindered me from enjoying a greater quality of life for two years or so.

I have been a NUCCA chiropractic patient of Dr. Geoff Besso’s for about three months now and have noticed numerous changes in my life, like I can now go up and down stairs a lot better and I can enjoy my garden and picking the ripe tomatoes with out having lower back pain."

-Avagene D

A note from Dr. Geoff Besso: Have you tried pain medications, injections, physical therapy, or traditional chiropractic without results?  Maybe the cause is in your Neck.  If your Atlas is out of balance it will cause your hips to shift, your leg will draw short, the muscles in the low back will spasm... eventually discs will bulge and arthritis and degenerative disc disease will develop due to the imbalance and abnormal wear and tear.  Basically your whole spine will be shifted out of balance.  If your upper cervical spine isn't properly, and specifically, realigned relief and recovery can be tough to achieve.  Most traditional therapies will jump directly to the area of pain and completely miss the underlying cause.

Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractors evaluate the spine by looking for 6 signs of an Atlas Imbalance (Subluxation):

1.  A heat imbalance via an infrared thermal scan of the spine 2. muscle spasm   3. painful and tender areas 4. restricted motion   5. a leg length differential   6. postural imbalance (weight differential side to side, hip unleveling, shoulder unleveling, head tilt).


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