Success with Sciatica, Stenosis, and Leg Numbness

Have you been told your only option for sciatica is back surgery?  You may have other options,  read this patient success story...

"My success story related to sciatica started in July 2011 when I felt like my body was asleep.  After 2 or 3 weeks I went to my GP and he sent me for an MRI.  The MRI came back showing I had a scaitica or pinched nerve in my lower back, so he sent me to an Orthopedic Doctor.  He ordered a nerve test and it came back okay. He suggested we do a series of shots in my spine once a week, which did not work.  All of this took me up to about the middle of November when the Doctor said I needed lower spinal surgery, which he could do the first the first week in December. 

By this time it had turned into excessive pain, I was at the point that I had to use a walker to do everything.  I talked to my daughter who lives in Brownsville, Texas and she told her friend who in turn called her doctor in Nebraska who recommended Dr. Besso in Stow, Ohio. To my surprise he was less than 2 miles away.  I called for an appointment and my first was December 7th, 2011.

Since I started the NUCCA relief care for my sciatica, my progress has been OUTSTANDING.  I am no longer in pain and have been getting back to my normal activities which I was sure I would never be able to do again. Coming here has also made it easier living in my home as well because I live in split level with stairs to go up and down no matter where you are.  That was hard for me before coming here.  It’s just so wonderful to walk without pain."

Donna M. Stow, OH


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