Success with Computer Neck :)

Success Story About Neck Issue

Most people think that when you’re 23 years old, you should be in tip-top shape. However, working at a desk and computer for 9 hours a day can pay havoc on your neck and spine. I couldn’t believe the pain and agony I was beginning to suffer through each day of work. I was cracking my neck constantly, looking for some type of relief. I’d end up with a migraine headache and feeling sick to my stomach by quitting time.

Taking a look at my family history just made me think “Well, this is it. Everyone else in my family deals with neck and back pain every day. It’s just part of my life!” But one day…enough was enough. I searched “Chiropractors near Akron, OH” on my computer and Dr. Besso’s name popped up amongst a large amount of other doctors. I am SO thankful that I decided to contact Dr. Besso and his awesome staff (Autum and Marah)!  I was very interested in the process of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care and wanted to see what I could do for me.

The first appointment consisted of some x-rays of my head and neck. I was in such bad shape that I was having a hard time sitting up straight in the chair. I winced in pain as Dr. Besso positioned my head and shoulders for the film. All of my muscles were so tight and exhausted. I thought to myself, “There’s no way I’ll ever get over this pain. I really hope this works”.

At the next appointment, Dr. Besso showed me the films we took. My spine was starting to develop an S curve, and the natural curve of my neck had begun to straighten out. I was floored…now I could finally see what was causing all of my pain. I opted to begin the care regimen recommended by Dr. Besso and he did the first adjustment that day.

I WAS AMAZED! I sat up from the adjustment table and about 90% of my pain was GONE! The muscles in my neck and back felt like they were coming back to life! From that moment on I was convinced that this was going to work!

I’ve been seeing Dr. Besso for a few months and the benefits of relief care keep getting better and better. My mood has improved immensely, and my body is just feeling better all over. I rarely crack my neck, and my headaches are few and far between.

Thank you SO MUCH Dr. Besso, Autum and Marah!!!


Anna B.


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