Success with Chronic Low Back Pain and Headaches

"Last fall a friend informed me of a clinic where I might find some relief from the stabbing back pain I was having. I have herniated several discs in my lumbar back that was causing shooting pain going down my legs. Previously I tore my trapezius muscles which led to a stiff neck and headaches. When I would sit for more than a short time I was in misery and had to get up and move around. I have complained about sitting and back pain since I worked at Ohio Bell in the 1960’s.

In the past, I have been to chiropractors, physical therapists and I did special exercises. I’ve taken several medications to relax muscles, relieve pain, help with sleep and have had several lumbar injections, finding only temporary relief.  Besso Clinic was different. The staff was very pleasant. I didn’t have to wait long and think about how awful it was going to be to be given another prescription or injection.

The best part about Besso is there is no pain; I’m never anxious about the NUCCA relief care and have asked Dr. Besso if he was “doing” anything because of the gentle nature of the relief care. There isn’t anything to fear about this relief care. Being a nurse, I need to know everything that is going on, and I was probably the biggest skeptic that has ever walked through their doors.  Over the last four months my back pain has decreased.  I no longer have any stabbing pain in my lumbar spine. I have had less headaches and can tolerate the long hour drive in the car to get there.

I’m hoping and praying this relief continues.  I have told several people I work with, family members and friends, even people I don’t know very well, about my good results."

I give Besso Clinic permission to use this information in informing others.

Kathy B.


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