Stubborn Post-Concussion Symptoms in Stow, Ohio

Concussion, Post-concussion, Whiplash, Neck Injury, Neck Pain, Head TraumaEver wondered how you can cope with post-concussion symptoms? Concussions happen in many ways and not just to athletes or from major car accidents.  In many instances, there may be no visible signs of injury – no bruises, scrapes or cuts that would be indicative of trauma.  According to the CDC, traumatic brain injuries make up about 30% of all deaths from injury.  Concussions are quite common, with some estimates saying that a mild trauma to the brain occurs every 21 seconds in the United States.


What are the post-concussion symptoms?

Symptoms after a head injury can be subtle, such as feeling a little dazed or feeling fatigued or sluggish.  Others can be obvious and more severe, such as headaches, vomiting, and blurry vision.  Although an injury to the brain can be quite serious, most people will recover from a concussion in a few weeks after the initial incident.  Sometimes, the real trouble comes when these symptoms persist long after the injury took place.  This condition is known as post-concussion syndrome, and for people who develop it, symptoms can last for many months, a year, or more.

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For anyone who has experienced a concussion, there was likely some degree of damage to the delicate structures of the spine in the neck.  If your concussion symptoms just won’t cease, a very specific misalignment of the vertebra that sits just beneath the skull may be to blame.  If the atlas vertebra has shifted from its normal position, it may be putting abnormal pressure on the brainstem, nerves, blood vessels, muscles, and other tissues, causing the lingering symptoms you’re experiencing.

Dr. Geoff Besso is an upper cervical specialist whose chiropractic practice centers on ensuring the alignment of that very area of the spine.  Dr. Besso has worked with many people following a head injury, either minor or more severe, to be sure to correct any misalignments that may have occurred as a result.  Gentle and precise adjustments to the upper two vertebrae in the neck are given only when necessary, and can help the body to heal from lingering symptoms following a concussion.



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