Small Bites from the Four Pillars of Health Wellness Series

For those of you that missed last months’ “Wellness Series,” Here are some highlights:

Note: The series covered four hours of material so these sound bites, though intriguing, are just a fraction of what you would learn attending the entire series.


Healthy fat such as that found in raw nuts, avocados, olives, egg yolks, meats and coconut oil is the preferred fuel of the body and has profound health benefits. 50-70% of your diet should consist of healthy fat. Cholesterol is vital to your health and no life form can live without it. You should eat as much as your food raw as possible, failing to do so leads to malnutrition, digestive problems and obesity.

You will never be optimally healthy unless you’re consistently exercising. Frequency, length of time and the intensity of your exercise sessions needs to be modified constantly because too much is bad for you. Anaerobic and strength training exercise are the two best types of exercise for burning fat and keeping it off. Acceleration training is the best for the immobile. Walking or running backwards is better for you than forwards.

85% or more of all diseases have an emotional element. The study of epigenetics is showing us that we can change the expression of our genes. The placebo effect is so powerful it can give you the same outcomes as if you had received arthroscopic knee surgery. You should almost never take an antidepressant for clinical depression, they work no better than a sugar pill. Too much or too little sleep accelerates tumor growth and can cause type II diabetes.

Only 15% of standard medical procedures have been proven scientifically. This is why you don’t want to go to a medical doctor for chronic conditions. One MD says, “All disease results from the disruption of the flow of intelligence.” We discussed three hypothesis for the “cause” of disruption to the flow of intelligence. I presented the most impressive studies performed to date on the efficacy and safety of upper cervical specific care.

The purpose of the “Wellness Series” is not only to educate our patients about this vital information, but be able to share it with the individuals that have not yet experienced the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and being under upper cervical care. If you belong to a club, church or company that invites guest speakers, or would be willing to invite a guest speaker to share this series, or a portion of it, with the group, contact Sarah here at the office so our community can benefit from knowing what the four pillars of health and wellness are and begin to implement them in their lives.


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