Sinus Headache and Motion Sickness Relief in Cleveland/Akron


Sinus pain, Sinus Headache, Headaches, Migraines"When I first came to Besso Clinic in Stow I was suffering from sinus headaches, and neck pain. I had been suffering for 20 + years with these conditions. I would take Sudafed, Excedrin or Tylenol and I did nasal cleansing but did not experience much relief. I also took a lot of natural supplements and saw my family doctor. Since coming to Besso Clinic and starting NUCCA care I have experienced increase energy and decrease in the intensity and frequency of headaches. I used to get motion sickness when riding as a passenger in the car. Since coming to Besso Clinic I can ride in the back seat of the van and not feel sick.

What I like most about the Besso Clinic has been Dr. Besso’s gentle adjustments.  I also like the way he monitors and checks my progress.

The staff has been kind, helpful and attentive. There isn’t one thing I don’t like about the care I have received from Besso Clinic. I would definitely recommend Besso Clinic for gentle chiropractic relief care that ensures my safety but also gives me relief from the pain I was experiencing."

Cherrie S. Hudson, OH


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