Putting A Stop to These 6 Migraine Myths

According to the Migraine Research Foundation, migraines remain one of the top debilitating illnesses worldwide. Although many people try to downplay this condition and label them as mere bad headaches, they are more than that. Dr. Geoff Besso, our experienced Stow migraine chiropractor, shares that migraines affect the head, brain, and spinal cord. 

The need to dispel myths and establish the truth becomes more pressing as the number of people dealing with migraines increases steadily. People need to know the real deal when it comes to this ailment. Once they do so, they can probably find the appropriate options to ease their pain.


The Infamous Myths

1. A worsening headache is called a migraine.

Most people think that both ailments are the same. Though they might affect the head, their root causes are likely different. A headache can arise from any reason – stress with work, too much smoking or drinking, missing meals or not drinking enough water, and as a symptom of a different ailment like fever and flu.

On the other hand, a migraine can be due to hormonal changes in women, varying weather conditions, stress and fatigue, overmedication, and medical conditions like epilepsy and tumor. Also, sometimes migraines occur with or without headaches. Surprising but true, this refutes the myth that migraines are merely bad headaches.

2. Children do not experience migraines.

Sadly, this is incorrect. It is pretty disheartening to know that children also deal with migraine attacks. Most migraineurs, or people with migraines, are in their late teens to mid-’40s. However, The Migraine Trust reported that one in every ten school children has migraines.

According to Dr. Besso, our Stow migraine chiropractor, diagnosing this condition is challenging for children because they cannot fully describe their symptoms.

Children from families with medical histories that include migraines are more likely to experience this condition. When looking after a child migraineur, try to calm their nerves and keep them comfortable. Hopefully, the effects of the attack will be mild. Once an episode passes, ask your child for any pre-pain activities. Knowing what the triggers are will come a long way in fending off another episode.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and migraines and other headaches download our complimentary e-book Natural and Drug-Free Ways to End Your Migraines below.


3. Episodes happen rarely.

On the contrary, attacks intensify and recur more often as a person grows older. Some migraineurs initially deal with sporadic episodes, but they are not so random if you pay attention. Please take note of the patterns because they can help you prepare for the next instance.

It is also important to note when the attacks progress and how long each lasts. Most of those diagnosed with migraines develop chronic versions unless regular treatments help slow down the progression. 

4. Migraines are a girl thing.

Estrogen, a hormone found in women, can influence the onset of migraines. However, that does not mean that this is a gender-specific condition. It is worrisome that men are not as candid as women when it comes to migraines because male migraineurs are at risk of stroke and hypertension.

Whether you are a man or a woman, a child, or an adult, it is imperative to get the appropriate medical attention to address your migraine attacks. Also, let your family know. Migraines can pass from one generation to another. Your family deserves to see if they are at risk or not. Our Stow migraine chiropractor points out that knowledge is vital when it comes to this debilitating neurological condition.

5. Pain medications are the only solution.

Healthcare professionals often prescribe medications to help migraineurs cope with the debilitating pain. With the proper guidance, prescriptions can significantly help those diagnosed continue to live their lives and take care of their responsibilities.

However, it is not the only solution. People nowadays are looking for ways to manage the pain without being dependent on medicine. Getting chiropractic care is one viable and natural option to address migraines. Ensuring that the body is well-balanced and with no spinal alignment issues, there is a possibility of lesser migraine instances and other kinds of discomfort.

6. Skipping the chocolate bar keeps migraines at bay.

While some people have a low tolerance for chocolates, missing out on this decadent treat might cause you more heartache than a reprieve from migraines. A component found in chocolates, tyramine, is known to help induce migraines. However, a person needs to consume significant amounts of chocolate to do so. Unless you say to an entire chocolate buffet, it might be all right to nibble on a chocolate bar to help you feel good.


Get Help from Our Stow Migraine Chiropractor

Getting yourself checked for a spinal alignment issue helps determine whether your migraines might be due to your body’s symmetry or lack thereof. Here at Besso Clinic of Chiropractic, Dr. Geoff Besso or Dr. Michael Anthony Golkiewicz will work closely with you to address any misalignment concerns.

By using the latest technology, they can identify the sections with displaced bones and discs. Once they restore these to their original places, they can also reestablish the flow in the channels. By then, the nerves can deliver messages to the brain without any hindrances. Blood vessels can supply nutrients and oxygen to the brain and various body parts as well.

As the body resumes its normal functions, it can start addressing issues like migraines. If you are interested in knowing how upper cervical care can ease migraines' negative impact, go ahead and visit our office. You can also schedule your appointment here.

Dr. Besso or Dr. Golkiewicz is keen on helping you achieve a better way of life. Find out today how you can work together to make this a reality.


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