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Low Back Pain, Sciatica and Fatigue

“Prior to coming to the Besso Clinic I had chronic low back pain with pain going down my right leg and little to no energy. I could not sit or stand for long periods of time, and always needed to be close to a chair or stool whenever I went anywhere. This had been going on since I was a six years old after falling off a horse. I had never attributed sixty plus years of pain to that particular incident.

I have seen chiropractors, osteopaths, had three surgeries, including decompression, a laminectomy, implants, fusions, magnetic therapy, SI injections, pain medications, and another surgery to have the implants removed. Whatever treatment anyone mentioned, I would try. There just had to be some help. I tried several types of pain patches as well. The only real relief came from strong medications. I couldn’t tolerate most pain medications.

In just one month and so few adjustments I am feeling so much better; I haven’t taken a pain pill in almost a month! My constipation, low back pain, and overall condition are much improved. I am sleeping much better; I haven’t taken a sleeping pill since my first week visiting Dr. Geoff!

If my success can be an indicator, why wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity to give it a try? I am beginning to think Dr. Geoff walks on water! It is just amazing that I feel so good! I am even able to work out in my yard, which is my passion.

I look forward to my appointments and seeing everyone at the Besso Clinic. It is a pleasure to finally say “I feel great”. It has been so very long since I have been able to say that!”

- Armide S. - Akron, Ohio


“I’ve always considered myself to be very blessed. Not without hardship mind you, but with a family who with God’s help, finds ways to deal with great difficulties. That’s why, when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2003, I felt fortunate to be directed to a psychiatrist who specialized in fibromyalgia and in fact, suffers from the disorder himself. I took the medication and vitamin supplements this physician prescribed faithfully for years.

The condition wasn’t supposed to progress, but regardless of strictly following doctor’s orders, my health was deteriorating. My clothing size doubled and worse yet I had headaches every single morning for 6 years. A few times a month the daily headaches, which I could at least function with, turned into migraines. I struggled with depression, painful sleep, constant fatigue and exhaustion; extremely poor short and sometimes long term memory problems; my trigger points of pain ranged from 11 to 18 on average and I’m certain there are more than are officially recognized! Many things I enjoyed had to be left behind; tennis, gardening, and biking, even throwing a ball with my kids. Never mind contact sports, grocery shopping and housework could wipe me out for a day or two; or leave me in pain just carrying anything heavy something, as simple as, a full laundry basket!

However, stopping or lying down, may have been a thought, but never an option for any real period of time, as I cared for my husband and our children and my aging parents (no matter how autonomous any of them claim to be). I was tired of being tired! Sick of being sick! I was so sick of worrying my family and not being able to keep up with my very wonderful, active husband and our youngest child.

Well desperate times call for desperate measures… I think seeing Dr. Besso’s full spread advertisement in the Falls News Press was finally God’s answer to prayers. The day of my initial evaluation I got very teary explaining to Dr. Besso, that I had slept through my son’s baseball game the previous day and that coming to him was a last attempt to find healing and most especially I was afraid to hope, convinced and at once horrified, that I would be stuck in a cycle of pain for the rest of my life.

When I returned to the office for Dr. Besso to report his findings, I was stunned as he placed my cervical x-rays in the light and stated, “I believe I’ve found the cause of your fibromyalgia. No promises, but I think I can help you.” What!?! That’s impossible; no one talks about a cause! The popular consensus is “they” don’t know the causes, only palliative measures, a bit of comfort care. Then when his adjustment was such a light touch and so painless, I thought, “Ok, either this man is part of a medicine show, or he’s really practicing something exceptional.” Well, read on because, I’m happy to say he is clearly practicing something exceptional!

He said I might get a headache that day–well, I wouldn’t know the difference, because my daily headache was already happening. In fact, it got worse when I slipped on the slope of a footbridge and landed legs in the air, flat on my back. I thought for certain any good from my adjustment that day was undone. I went to bed discouraged.

BUT, the next morning, before I opened my eyes, my first conscience thought was, “I don’t have a headache!” My second dawning was the trigger points in my hips didn’t feel like penknives were stabbing me! I swung my feet out of bed. I stood up, NO PAIN! NONE! I just started walking and I wasn’t stiff!! I looked at the clock….I had slept through the night and it was after 8:00am. Incredible!

My husband was extremely skeptical. He couldn’t understand how after just the first treatment, in addition to such a severe fall the night before, that I could possibly be feeling so good. Not only did I feel good that day, but I am especially pleased to report that I have not had a headache since. That’s 8 weeks and counting!! Perhaps, beyond my own relief, our 6 year old has said it best, “Mom, your voice is different and you laugh a lot!”

I’ve always considered myself to be very blessed and now with the continued work of NUCCA doctors like Dr. Besso and his staff, I have a shot at being healthy and strong enough to resume the active life I was used to and even hope for better things to come.”

- Gwen P. - Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

“I am not a paid celebrity, nor will this write up be concluded with disclaimers in fine print at the bottom of the page. I am a 27 year old male whom had been dealing with neck and lower back pain for about five years. It had been getting progressively worse and was accompanied by severe headaches and loss of sleep. I soon recognized these problems were spilling over into daily life and manifesting themselves in a variety of ways. Fatigue was making it increasingly more difficult to get through the work week and the burden of coping with pain on a daily basis was causing me to be more irritable and less patient with my four children, all of whom are under the age of 5 (obviously a crucial time to have infinite patience).

After being urged by my mother I finally came to the Besso Clinic. I was diagnosed with subluxation of the spine, which was causing my cervical vertebrae to pinch my brain stem nerves before branching to the rest of my body. After further evaluation Dr. Besso concluded that he could offer his expertise in order to straighten me out which would help relieve the pain. He then put me on a ten month treatment plan, which was refreshing, as it created an obtainable goal and took some of the uncertainty out of this relatively unknown procedure.

Interestingly, prior to my first adjustment, which was surprisingly gentle, I noticed results in another, previously thought to be unrelated, ailment. For over ten years I had been suffering from periodic anxiety attacks that would last for 24 hours. Through the years these attacks were becoming more frequent and I sought medical help. Consequently pharmaceuticals were the recommended “treatment”, and I was set to begin a life with a medicated frame of mind. This didn’t last long however, as I would rather have monthly panic attacks than be sedated daily. After my first adjustment I noticed a decrease in anxiety levels. Although its not completely gone its much more manageable and improving as the nerves begin the healing process.

I am now a few months into my treatment and am leading a life relatively free of neck and lower back pain. I would encourage anyone experiencing pain or discomfort to at least come in for a consultation and evaluate whether or not the Besso Clinic is for you. Dealing with pain is no way to live your life. As you begin treatment your outlook and quality of life improves with each visit as does the feeling of hope for a pain free future.”

- Ryan H. - Stow, Ohio


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