Easy Neck and Shoulder Exercises to Alleviate Persistent Pain

It’s early in the morning, and you try to turn your neck to the side. To your horror, you realize you have stiff neck muscles. The worse part is that you can’t move your head without grimacing because of the pain.

Well, you’re not the only one. More than a quarter of adult Americans experience neck pain. Every neck pain chiropractor in Stow welcomes hundreds to thousands of patients with neck pain each year. 

Sometimes, the pain subsides after a while. However, others note that their discomfort stays a bit longer, causing debilitating effects. Good thing you can try doing a few neck stretching exercises to get rid of the pain.


Simple Neck Stretching Exercises

Neck stretching is, without a doubt, one of the most underestimated and underrated exercises. Unknown to many, doing regular neck stretches can lead to numerous benefits such as:

  • Lower risks for severe headaches
  • Decreased risks for cardiometabolic problems (obesity, high HDL, diabetes, hypertension, etc.)
  • Lesser risks for developing neck pain or neck muscle spasms
  • Lower chances of experiencing sleep apnea

If you haven’t been doing neck exercises until today, we suggest checking the list of examples below. 

1. Initial stretching

Before initiating any movement, we suggest doing a few rounds of gentle stretches. This will help you loosen up your muscles and avoid straining your neck joints. Ideally, you should spend around 30 seconds to a full minute before trying the rest of the neck exercises below.

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2. Side-to-side neck bending

Otherwise known as lateral neck flexion, this specific exercise involves relaxing the shoulders and back muscles. Then, you slowly move your head from one side to the next. You will need to hold each position for around five to ten seconds and resume the neutral position before flexing to the other side. You may repeat this neck exercise up to 15 times. 

Alternatively, you can modify the movements and hold the bending position for up to 20 seconds for each side of your neck. Then, you may repeat this set up to five times.

3. Shoulder rolls 

Shoulder rolls help strengthen your upper back, shoulder, and neck muscles. This simple movement also allows you to improve your body posture, minimizing strain on your achy upper body. 

To do this exercise, you will need to stand or sit upright with your core muscles tightened. Then, pull your shoulders down before you shrug them up towards your ears. Be extra careful not to hunch your back or protruding your neck. 

Once you reach the highest point, squeeze your shoulder blades to pull your back muscles upwards. Then, you can gradually relax your muscles to resume a neutral position. Repeat this set of movements about 10 to 15 times with a 30 seconds break for each interval. 

4. Neck retraction

If you have started seeing a neck pain chiropractor in Stow, it’s also a good idea to include cervical retraction into your workout routine. Many patients diagnosed with spinal arthritis find neck retraction helpful in reducing the pain they experience.

Similar to the exercises above, performing cervical retraction is also quite simple. You can do this in several ways. One would be in a prone or stomach lying position. Here are the steps:

  • Place your forehead flat on your exercising mat
  • Keep your arms straight and relaxed
  • When stretching your head backward, try to move slowly
  • Pull your back while you lift your forehead
  • Take note that you should stretch and not bend the neck while you move your head back

You can also do the same movements while standing or sitting on a chair. Feel free to repeat it up to five times and hold the position for about 10 seconds. You can do it up to 10 times every hour to see improvements in your pain. 

5. Upper trapezius stretch

Your trapezius muscles run from your skull to your upper cervical (neck) bones. They take charge of controlling all kinds of movements – from holding your phone between your ears and shoulders to taking control of the steering wheel. 

This is why it’s crucial to include the upper trapezius stretch in your workout exercises. Without a properly functioning or overly tight trapezius muscle, you become prone to developing injuries and experiencing pain. 

Here’s how you can do this exercise:

  • You can either sit or stand with one hand placed on the lower back and the other rested on one side of the head.
  • Pull the head to your shoulder until you feel that you’ve stretched your neck enough
  • Hold this position for no more than 30 seconds.
  • Relax for 10 seconds and perform the same set of movements on the other side.


Neck Pain Chiropractor in Stow Your Partner in Seeking Lasting Relief

Besides performing the easy neck and shoulder exercises listed above, you can also seek assistance from a neck pain chiropractor in Stow. Typically, an upper cervical chiropractic procedure involves assessing neck misalignment, which may be the key factor that triggered the onset of your health problems. 

Once your upper cervical doctor has the measurements, you can begin receiving customized neck chiropractic adjustments to help you restore your spinal health. It’s a slow and gentle process that many patients with chronic neck pain use to alleviate their symptoms. 

Whether you’re an aging folk, someone in their early 20s-30s, or even a teenager or a child, you can certainly find hope with upper cervical care. You can use this remedy with other neck pain relief options like the exercises above. It’s natural and holistic, helping you improve your symptoms and take advantage of various health benefits. 

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