Natural Vertigo Relief in Stow Ohio Without Drugs

Natural vertigo relief in Stow Ohio

Natural Vertigo Relief in Stow Ohio

The medical profession has unfortunately had no better success at determining the cause of vertigo than a simple coin toss.  It is reported that there is only a 50/50 chance that the specific cause of vertigo can be identified.  When a cause is able to be determined, it is often related to a minor to severe blow to the head.1

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In a comprehensive study done in 2006 of 60 vertigo patients, 56 (93%) recalled a history of trauma.  These traumas ranged anywhere from a severe auto accident, a mild slip on the sidewalk, bicycling accident, skiing accident, horseback riding, etc.  There were only four people of the 60 that didn’t have or couldn’t recall any traumatic incident prior to the onset of their vertigo symptoms.2

Since there appears to be such a high correlation between vertigo/dizziness symptoms and head injury, no matter how mild you think the injury may have been, it is critical to verify that your spinal alignment has not been compromised.  The vertebrae of the neck, particularly the top two, are very vulnerable to misalignments due to their unique shape.  The atlas (C1) and axis (C2) vertebrae are responsible for the majority of head and neck movement.  A misalignment, or subluxation, in this area must be assessed by an upper cervical specific chiropractor in order to make a determination that this could be the root cause of your vertigo.


What to Do Next

Dr. Besso, a vertigo and dizziness expert in Stow, OH, has been specifically trained to analyze for and correct misalignments of the C1 and C2 vertebrae.  Using sophisticated diagnostic imagining and other tools, Dr. Besso is able to determine the exact nature of the upper cervical misalignment, make the necessary correction, and allow the body’s natural recuperative processes to take place.  Removing the interference from the communication between the brain and nervous system to all areas of the body can help to alleviate vertigo symptoms by allowing proper communication between the sensory systems of the body and the brain.  In the study mentioned earlier on in this post, a vertigo sufferer of 37 years was able to regain a symptom-free life after only one month of upper cervical care!2


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