A Natural Solution to 4 Common Vertigo Triggers

Common Vertigo TriggersVertigo is a term that is sometimes misunderstood. Sometimes you’ll hear people saying they have vertigo when they experience a simple bout of dizziness, or they’re afraid of heights.  In this blog post, we'll try to understand it better. We will also tackle the common vertigo triggers, and how you can cope naturally. 

The true definition of vertigo, however, has to do with a false sensation of movement.  A person suffering a true vertigo attack has the perception of motion when none is present, or abnormally perceives motion in response to movement. A vertigo attack can be brought on by any of the following activities:

  1. Walking
  2. Gazing out the window of a moving car
  3. Staring up at a tall object
  4. Looking down from a high perch
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Common vertigo triggers and neck structure

There a lot of common vertigo triggers. Some examples include BPPV, vestibular migraines, and Meniere's Disease. The condition may also stem from neck trauma or vestibular system dysfunction. Balance can be a complex thing for the body to coordinate. Information from your eyesight, from sensors in your limbs, and from the inner ear all tell the brain where the body is positioned in space so the brain can make the necessary corrections to maintain balance. One of the most important jobs of the spinal column is to protect the spinal cord so that those critical signals can be sent and received properly. The one area of the central nervous system that coordinates many of these functions concerning balance is the brainstem, which is protected by the topmost vertebra in the neck. This atlas vertebra, because of how it’s shaped and designed to move, is prone to misalignment more so than any others.  When this occurs, whether due to accident or wear and tear, it can disturb the normal signaling system between the brain and body, resulting in the onset of vertigo episodes.

At Besso Clinic of Chiropractic, we specialize in addressing the root cause of your vertigo symptoms.  By correcting these specific atlas misalignments and removing the obstruction from the body’s normal signaling system, the body has the chance to heal and function normally again.  If you’ve had any type of injury to the head or neck that either started or worsened your vertigo symptoms, having your atlas alignment checked can be key to your lasting recovery.  NUCCA, our upper cervical chiropractic technique, is extremely specific and gentle, and each patient’s adjustment is unique to his or her particular misalignment.  If you’ve tried other approaches to healing your vertigo without success, upper cervical chiropractic should be your next step.





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