Meniere’s Disease - Is it linked to Upper Neck Misalignment?

Meniere's disease is categorized as episodic vertigo, fluctuating hearing loss and tinnitus affecting between 4.3 to 15.3 of every 100,000 people.1

Currently there a few ways to treat this disease ranging from medications, injections, or even surgery.3  Dr. Geoff Besso specializes in a technique known as NUCCA where he removes pressure placed on the nervous system and successfully helped patients suffering with this disease find relief.  Patients with Meniere's disease are saying this is great news as this form of relief is invasive and safe.

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To further understand how Dr. Geoff Besso is successful we focus on an area of the nervous system at the core of the brainstem known as the reticular formation. It is responsible for functions such as regulation of sleep and wakefulness, cardiovascular and respiratory control.  More importantly, the reticular formation is responsible for the organization of eye movements and coordination of limb movements.  The reticular formation along with a structure called the Vestibular Nuclei provide information to the spinal cord that maintain posture. 2  These areas receive information from the brain which is gathered from your eyes, inner ear, joints, and muscles to allow movement.  If this information is inadequate due to a possible misalignment of the cervical spine the result may be vertigo or dizziness. A study published in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation showed improvement in 60 patients with vertigo. 4  Dr. Besso is a trained upper cervical doctor who is successfully helping patients across Ohio.

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