It's a Winter Wonderland! Tips for Surviving the Cold

Welcome to Winter in Ohio!
With the snow piling up in the driveway, kids off school, and the temperatures dropping - it's official, we are in the middle of winter!  Besso Clinic is here to help you get through the next few weeks of cold and snow with some helpful hints.  And in case you are wondering, our doors are ALWAYS open for our Patients.  Rain or shine, sleet or snow - someone will always be here for you!  When in doubt, give us a call, but more than likely we will remain open for our Patients who make the trip to see us despite the weather.
kids making snow angels
Protect your Spine
With all the snow that needs shoveled in your driveway, remember to protect yourself as best you can using these great tips!

snow shoveling safety tips

"Can I go home and shovel after my adjustment today?"

Dr. Besso's recommendation is no. Too much strenuous activity like shoveling can actually un-do what Dr. Besso was able to accomplish with your adjustment today. Every patient is unique, so be sure to ask him at your next appointment.

Protect your investment!
Using these tips will help to keep your health and wellness goals in check. Dress in layers, warm up the large muscle groups, and take your time in this cold and snowy weather.
Your spine and body will thank you for it!


Dr. Besso and one of our Success Story Patients!

Dr. Besso and one of our Success Story Patients!


You know that Dr. Besso has helped your neck, but did you also know that NUCCA can help low back pain?  If we address the spine from the top down, it only stands to reason that NUCCA adjustments can have a positive impact on the ENTIRE spine, including the low back, hips, and legs.

Read these two Success Stories of Besso Patients who at one time suffered with low back pain.

“I sought out Besso Clinic for relief because my friend had received such great results under the NUCCA care and I thought I could finally find relief as well.

I had consistently suffered from severe pain in my hips, back and legs for years. I felt like I had run out of options.  I tried anti-inflammatory medications that never worked; saw my medical doctor, and even an orthopedic doctor that told me the only option left was to have my hip replaced.

When I first started care at Besso Clinic I noticed a difference within the first couple NUCCA relief. The pain is less severe and less frequent, and now I can do some of the things I was previously unable to do like exercise!

I have recommended many people that I know to come see Dr. Besso. Overall, I have received excellent patient service and I am always greeted with a smile and kind words; they are awesome!

-Victoria M. Akron, OH.”

“When I initially met with Dr. Besso in July of 2010, I was thinking my days of golfing were nearing an end.

Increasing lower back pain, chronic in nature, was inhibiting my golf swing as well as less severe activities. My primary care physician recommended a expert with surgery being the only practical alternative to medication (which I am not a fan of).

I began relief care at the Besso Clinic under the care of Dr. Besso and noticed significant improvements in the first few weeks of relief.

Step by step, over the next several months my back problems progressed from what I would describe as severe, to moderate to mild!

The progress was so outstanding I continued visits with Dr. Besso on a monthly basis. Today, I have virtually “Forgotten” about my back pain! I am back to golf, hiking, biking, and many other activities I previously enjoyed.

-Wayne S., Wadsworth, Ohio”


FEBRUARY TIP:  When snow falls and it’s time to shovel the driveway, remember to keep your low back in good shape with regular adjustments, stretching, and better shoveling habits.

For more on how to keep your low back in better condition, please talk to Dr. Besso at your next appointment.

If you know someone who has low back pain that is keeping them from living the life they want, please refer them to Besso Clinic.  We are committed to helping our Patients reach their health and wellness goals – from the top down, inside out.

Ask someone at the Front Desk about how to refer a friend today!


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