Is Your Head Tilted to One Side? How Can This Imbalance Affect Wellbeing?

Tilted Head, Neck Pain, Neck Stress, Body ImbalanceHave you ever wondered why you have one shoulder higher than the other?  Or why your head is tilted to one side?  Have you been told that you have one leg shorter than the other?  Do you have chronic muscle spasm at the top of your shoulders?

This adverse body position can cause stress, tension and pressure to the entire nervous system, most importantly the brain stem (base of the brain). This is very important, because our body shuttles millions of electrical and chemical impulses back and forth from the brain to every cell of our body each day. Any restriction or distortion of those messages (nerve impulses) can affect every body function.

Many of these nerve messages are unconscious such as breathing, digestion, and circulation. If this is not corrected, the long term effect is degeneration of that part of the body serviced by those restricted messages-resulting in mild to severe pain, lowered resistance to illness, behavioral changes, organ dysfunction, loss of mobility in limbs, and ultimately - disease.

So basically, to live life at a level of true Wellness  your nerve system needs to be communicating the messages from your brain to your body at a 100%.

We see patients with everything from carpal tunnel syndrome, child development problems, child sensory disorders, chronic facial pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic infections, circulation problems, to constipation... and that's just the C's.   It may seem like the list of conditions which have responded to upper cervical care is endless.  However, if you understand that the nervous system controls everything in the body, then it’s not hard to understand that it could be possible for a condition, like an Atlas Subluxation, to be the root cause of health problems.  It can also be the root cause of your tilted head, unlevel shoulders, and tight spastic muscles.

Oh, I just realized I dropped the S word, subluxation, and  you may be wondering what a subluxation is.  An atlas subluxation is a fancy word for a misalignment of the top bone in your spine.   This is what upper cervical doctors detect and correct.   Visit the resources tab above and watch the 3 minute video, 'What is a Subluxation?' .  You can also find a 4 minute video titled 'What is Body Imbalance?' by clicking on the link above.

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