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facts about vertigo

Learning essential facts about vertigo can make a lot of difference in your life. It could potentially improve your condition and allow you to experience lasting relief. 

Vertigo is a very common condition that may be experienced as something chronic and ongoing or a one-time attack that does not last long. Vertigo is known for the sensation of spinning. People experiencing vertigo may feel as if they are spinning or the things around them may appear to be spinning. Let’s consider some important information you will want to know about vertigo.


Dizziness vs. Vertigo

When speaking of dizziness, you might be referring to anything from being off balance to feeling woozy. What actually is the difference between dizziness and vertigo?

  • Dizziness: Feeling faint, woozy, weak, or unsteady
  • Vertigo: A feeling of movement when there is no movement, even when the eyes are closed, and the feeling may cause nausea
To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and vertigo download our complimentary e-book How to Naturally Relieve Vertigo without Drugs by clicking the image below.


The Underlying Cause of Vertigo

Vertigo is often a symptom of other conditions such as an ear infection or a malfunction in the central nervous system. The vestibular system is also involved and is responsible for relaying signals to the brain about where the body is located in its environment. It is made up of the vestibulocochlear nerve and the inner ear.


Finding Help for Vertigo

The malfunction of the central nervous system can often be linked back to a misalignment in the bones of the upper cervical spine, particularly the C1 and C2 vertebrae. The brainstem lies in the same location, and these bones act as its protector. However, if an injury or blow to the head or neck has caused the bones to misalign, the brainstem can be negatively affected. This results in improper signals being sent to the brain about where the body is located and leads to the sensations associated with vertigo. A misalignment can also affect the way the ear and the nerves connected to it are functioning.

Here at our Stow, OH office, we use a gentle method that allows the bones of the neck to move back into place without popping or cracking them. Once adjusted, the central nervous system can begin functioning at its optimum once again. This may lead to a decrease in vertigo symptoms or an elimination of it entirely.


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