Headache Specialist in Stow OH Provides Relief with Upper Cervical

headache specialist in Stow OH

Headache Specialist in Stow OH

Headaches are one of the most common disorders of the human nervous system.  An estimated 46% of adults worldwide suffer from active migraines or other headache disorders.1  Headaches have the potential to cause substantial levels of disability and have profound impact on the daily lives of headache and migraine sufferers.  This also presents a challenge to healthcare providers to help migraine patients find sustainable relief.

While the exact mechanism that causes migraines is still not completely understood, there are some known common triggers of migraines, including stress, sleep deprivations, red wine, hormonal triggers, TMJ (jaw) dysfunction and certain foods.2  Medical professionals typically classify migraines as neurovascular in nature, meaning that they create and react to disturbances in the nervous system as well as the circulatory system.  This is evident in common migraine symptoms such as throbbing sensations, photophobia (sensitivity to light), and nausea.

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Unfortunately, typical relief for migraine sufferers involve medications to either prevent the onset of an episode, or to try to mitigate an attack already in progress.3  Rather than using a pharmacological approach to relieving symptoms, Calgary migraine and headache specialist Dr. Geoff Besso utilizes a highly specific and specialized technique within chiropractic to correct spinal misalignments (subluxations) that can be attributed to the underlying cause of migraines.

Something unique about NUCCA chiropractic is that due to it’s highly specific method of analysis, an adjustment is given only when indicated and absolutely necessary.  Since the nerve and blood supplies to the brain can be impaired by a vertebral subluxation at the level of the brain stem, it is critical to ensure that an adjustment is given at the proper place and time.  Dr. Besso uses the latest technologies in order to give an accurate assessment of migraine patients’ spinal misalignments and nervous system function.  Once proper alignment is restored, positive results and improvements of quality of life can sometimes be made in as little as one adjustment.4


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