Fibromyalgia and Inflammation: A Natural Soultion

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Always TiredFibromyalgia is a condition that affects approximately 3-20 million people in the Americas.1 It is a condition that affects women 10 times more than men, with symptoms varying from fatigue, pain all over the body, sleep problems, and cloudy thinking. The biggest problems for people are the inability to sleep and chronic inflammation. There are very few relief options available for Fibromyalgia that are effective.

Natural relief for Fibromyalgia is what many patients are seeking for relief, but there are very few options available. One of the newest trends is in natural supplements to reduce the systemic inflammation.2 Many supplements are unregulated and have marginal efficacy. One of the best ways is to keep a food journal to monitor for flair ups. The most common culprits are grains such as bread, pasta, etc. This is a great method for reducing the triggers that exacerbate Fibromyalgia, but it does not treat the underlying cause.

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Fibromyalgia specialist in Stow Ohio

Fibromyalgia specialist Dr. Geoff Besso is helping patients get natural relief. Dr. Besso is an Upper Cervical Chiropractor, who focuses on the Atlas (C1) vertebra. It has been proven that when the Atlas, which is the first bone at the top of the neck, is misaligned from the normal position, it has negative effects on the body. If the Atlas is misaligned, it affects the neurological connection to expressing the genes and properly producing chemicals that control pain and immune system function.3

When the Atlas is in the correct position, the brain and body can begin communicating and functioning as normal. When the body has returned to its normal function, healing from Fibromyalgia symptoms starts to occur.


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