Dr. Besso shares how NUCCA Chiropractic can bring Chronic Headache Relief

On November 5th, 2012 Dr. Geoffrey Besso was interviewed on WKYC Channel 3's "Live on Lakeside" show. They invited him to share on the benefits of his specific NUCCA chiropractic technique, specifically in the area of headaches. In the past 7 years Dr. Besso has used this gentle and specific technique to help many patients find relief from chronic headaches. Patients are always happy to find a solution to the pain they experience on a daily basis, pain that they often think they just have to "live with". Take a  minute to watch the video, and give us a call at 330.689.1234 if you would like us to sit down with you to discuss finding relief from your headaches.

Dr. Besso's November 5th 2012 interview- Live on Lakeside, WKYC Channel 3


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