Do you struggle with Migraines? Be 1 who could experience this relief.

Often a patient enters our office, seeking relief from debilitating migraines. This pain affects their quality of life, not only for them, but their families. The exciting part for us here at the Besso Clinic, is that we have the chance to sit down with them, discuss their pain, and find a solution. Do you experience migraine headaches?

Patient Testimony About Migraines

For six years I have had severe migraine headaches. These migraines would affect me suddenly, 2 -3 times a week. The migraines caused vomiting, staggering gait, blurred vision, light sensitivity and dizziness. Some migraines were worse than others, and would last for days. To help improve the cerebral spinal fluid flow, I have had 12 brain surgeries, and shunt revisions before my 22nd birthday.
I have tried steroids, which helped somewhat, Motrin, had 2 hospital stays, and have had a few ER visits.
Since I have been coming to the Besso Clinic and getting NUCCA relief, my migraine headaches are infrequent, and I would say have improved by 90%. I have had only one severe headache since beginning care. I have also noticed my sleeping has improved, which is great!
The staff has been very good and pleasant. I like how prompt they are, and how they really seem to care about my progress.
- Matt P., Parma, OH
Our mission is to help patients who no one has been able to help.  So, if you have been struggling with a health challenge that no one has been able to figure out then I encourage you to visit our office.  We will check you out and let you know if we can, or cannot, help you.
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Dr. Geoff Besso, D.C.
Besso Clinic of Chiropractic, Inc.
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