Cleveland/Akron Back Pain and Ergonomics

Stow Ohio Back Pain and Ergonomics Lower back pain in Ohio can be the result of repetitive actions that put unnecessary pressure on your back.  Any action you perform in your Cleveland/Akron area workplace, even things as simple as standing, sitting, lifting, and walking, apply pressure to different parts of your back.

When inappropriate amounts of pressure and force are applied to certain areas of the back, lower back pain is a possibility.

In Ohio, 'Ergonomics' is a term that is associated with the study of human movement as related to the environment. Chiropractors are trained to detect and correct areas of abnormal movement and biomechanics, therefore, leading the relief of lower back pain.

Chiropractors look at how your work station is set up ergnomically.  Your positioning at a computer desk and chair can affect you physically and mentally leading to stress, tension, and pressure in the back and neck.  A chair when correctly used redistributes the pressure so that back pain is minimized for Ohio workers.

Practicing proper posture, engaging in periods of movement, lifting with your legs, and correctly using ergonomically designed tools are all adjustments that may lessen lower back pain for people in the Cleveland/Akron area.

Once you correct your ergonomics in the workplace, if you are still experiencing discomfort and pain with certain movements or in certain positions, there may be an underlying problem with your neck or back.  Bad ergonomics may have simply aggravating the issue.   For example, I often have patients mention that they have bought a new fancy bed, pillows, office chairs... and they still have pain or numbness.  When we rebalance their spine they feel better and realize their $4,000.00 bed wasn't necessary.

At the Besso Clinic of Chiropractic in Stow we will sit down with you discuss your health concerns and then do a thorough spinal exam, including infrared thermal imaging of the spine, to see if we can find the cause of your pain.

If you are in the Cleveland/Akron area and are interested in seeing what the Besso Clinic of Chiropractic can do to alleviate your back pain give us a call at 330-845-5910.


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