heartAfter receiving NUCCA Chiropractic care, some patients have shared with us that they noticed a drop in their blood pressure. The misalignment in the upper neck can interfere with critical nerve messages that can cause blood vessels to constrict and therefore, increase blood pressure. Correcting the misalignment can allow the pressure to decrease. Here is a story from one of our patients:

I initially began NUCCA treatment because I had read of success in lowering blood pressure. Medications had been devastating for me and I sought an alternative. At age 64, I had a range of “body issues” I had learned to live with—pains and stiffness, respiratory allergies, and other complications, etc.

The first thing I noticed after coming to The Besso Clinic, was my breathing became easier, less constricted. I had been a shallow breather since a fall from a horse in 1967!!! As May and June came along I had braced myself for my annual long months of allergy related sicknesses. I would get headaches, ear pain, sore throat, sinus infections/congestion, lung congestion/chronic bronchitis. It never came this year! The relief from this experience with NUCCA has been wonderful.

Then, in June, I began to see better blood pressure readings. I had stopped checking it for months. The numbers were alarming, sometimes going as high as 180/100. My MD once said if I could get to 150/90 or lower, he would be satisfied. I remember the day the monitor read 149/89. I called my husband to come look. This is the most wonderful relief for me. The fears of a future disability are now fading from my thoughts and I have new hope for a healthier future. I am very grateful for the care and the healing I have found here at The Besso Clinic.

This gentle and innovative chiropractic care seems to free the body to do its own self-healing and adjusting. I wish everyone could try this treatment!!!

~ Pat B.  Cleveland, Ohio


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