Long-term back issues can lead to disability. In order to avoid that and find lasting relief for your back pain, it would be helpful to know what exactly is causing it. Consider the following list of the top seven causes of middle and upper back pain as shared by a trusted chiropractor in Stow.

Upper Middle Back Pain

If you want to experience lasting relief from your back pain problems, visit Dr. Geoff Besso of Besso Clinic of Chiropractic. Our team will help you enjoy more pain-free days through upper cervical chiropractic. Call our clinic today at 330 845 5910 or email us at info@bessoclinic.com. You may also reach us through our contact form.

orange barrelsIt's that time of year: orange barrel season!  

The barrels let us know there is a construction site ahead, to drive cautiously, and to look out for the broken areas in the road.  As much as we dread this time of year because it tends to slow down our commute, we know the construction is needed to smooth the roads, fill potholes, and make our driving experience easier and more fluid.

Ever feel like you need some orange barrels in your own life?  Many of our Patients have felt the same way.  They come in to our office on the verge of having surgery, another shot of medication, or another procedure done because they are so eager to get some relief.

What they often find with NUCCA is that they can avoid the surgery, more medication, and yet another procedure.  And they can get the relief they are in need of naturally.

The Dr of the future quote


Read what one of our Patients had to say about her experience with NUCCA care at Besso Clinic.

"I am so glad that I chose to get relief care at the Besso Clinic of Chiropractic. I had tried a few other things before coming, but being a hair dresser, surgery wasn’t an option. My friend told me about Dr. Besso, and I had never tried chiropractic in the past. To be honest, I was afraid that the adjustment would be painful. Dr. Besso put me right at ease, letting me know it was non-invasive and very gentle. Every adjustment I’ve had has been pain free with huge benefits.

All of my neck, shoulder, hand, and arm pain that I have had for 3-5 years is gone.  My hip pain has improved greatly, and as an added bonus my blood sugar has improved. My quality of life is definitely better all the way around, and my energy level has improved as well.

I was skeptical at first, as I am sure most are. I can tell you now, that I do definitely recommend the Besso Clinic and I will try to get the word out about NUCCA relief for pain. I so appreciate being treated with professionalism and kindness by all staff and Doctors."

-Robin M., Barberton OH

If you are ready to try an alternative to what you have previously tried to relieve your pain, please consider calling our office today to see how our technique can possibly help you live the life you want.   We are always accepting new patients and would be happy to meet you!



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Getting to the "root" of the problem with NUCCA

root causeHave you ever thought that there was more to your condition than what you were told?

Many patients of NUCCA care have felt the same way and have found answers to issues like yours with this unique technique.   Sometimes it was just a matter of exhausting all other possibilities; sometimes it was a chance discovery while researching symptoms online; and sometimes it's from a trusted friend's referral.  One way or another, when a patient hears about NUCCA and decides to give this technique a try, they often are able to get to the "root" of the problem.

SUCCESS STORY:  Read what this Besso Clinic patient has to say about her experience with finding some answers to her symptoms with NUCCA care.

"When I first sat down for a consultation with Dr. Besso I asked him how Fibromyalgia was diagnosed.  I feel like I have suffered with Fibromyalgia like symptoms for up to 15 years.  I had achiness in both arms and hands.  It had gotten so bad I was having a hard time blow drying my hair and felt like my upper arms were weak. I also was struggling with fatigue: I felt like I could sleep for a month. I seemed to have constant congestion.

By the time I came to the Besso Clinic my carpel tunnel symptoms were getting worse.  I would wake up with weak hands and had dull and shooting pain down my arms.  I was, actually, scheduled a carpel tunnel surgery and had been diagnosed with neck and hand arthritis.  I let Dr. Besso know that I was concerned about losing the use of my arms and hands.

What a blessing it’s been to find Besso Clinic!  Dr. Besso found the real cause to my carpel tunnel symptoms. The problem wasn’t in my wrists after all; the nerve pinching was coming from my neck.  So, after receiving upper cervical relief I was able to cancel my carpel tunnel surgery!!!

I followed Dr. Besso’s prescribed relief and I now have less pain, less sinus problems and more energy. It’s a simple and effective procedure and you are in and out quickly. The staff is so nice, helpful and professional. I would recommend the Besso Clinic because Dr. Besso had a great bed side manner and he actually cares about his patients." -Meg G.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, please call us and we will have you meet with Dr. Besso to see how NUCCA may be able to help you.  330.689.1234


NEW Wellness Services!


Besso Clinic has partnered with It Really Works Weight & Wellness Center to bring a satellite office to Stow!  We have a location in Canton, Ohio, for our friends south of us.

Our Wellness Centers offer a holistic approach to total body wellness.  We provide a medically directed weight loss method that includes one on one coaching by experienced professionals who have lost weight utilizing the protocol.  Our Offices also offer NUCCA Upper Cervical Care, Yoga Classes, Cooking Classes, Massage Therapy, Spa Nights and Wellness Seminars.

Look for upcoming special events on our Facebook page  www.facebook.com/ItReallyWorksWeightWellness.

Or see our website at itworksweightwellness.com.

Meet our Weight Loss Coach, Menka

“Over three years ago, I started on an amazing journey with Ideal Protein, a medically sound, scientifically based weight loss program. Since then, I’ve personally brought the program to all kinds of patients and have helped them lose hundreds of pounds and get their lives restored!  

Dieters have been able to reduce or eliminate all sorts of medication, increase their vitality and zeal for life, and reclaim long-lost confidence and inner strength.  As a medical professional, I am thrilled to see the real, reproducible and predictable results of the protocol.  

I also know firsthand the struggle of weight loss.  I grew up in the ballet world where weight was a constant issue.  This conflict led to trying anything and everything to lose weight.  But, nothing ever lasted.  That is until I completed the Ideal Protein protocol.  I decided to try this program because I knew I needed to not only lose weight, but I needed to get healthy.  I lost almost 50 pounds after going through all 4 phases, and I have now kept the weight off for over 3 years and live a much healthier lifestyle.  I feel great, have more energy, and am so passionate about sharing Ideal Protein with everyone I know and care about.

For me, it's not just about seeing you lose weight, or hitting a certain number on the scale.  I'm most interested in seeing you get healthy, resetyour body in the right direction, extend your life,andbecome the best you that you can be. 

I'll be your biggest cheerleader, and cannot wait to see you succeed at reaching your goals!

Call me to schedule a consult!  330.689.1234.”

 We also now offer Therapeutic Massage to compliment your Chiropractic Care!

Therapeutic Massage is site specific manual therapy on dysfunctional or injured areas and the muscles that support and/or surround it.

Our Licensed Massage Therapist (licensed by the Ohio State Medical Board) will use a variety of techniques which may include light or passive touch to calm spasm and to warm the tissue before deeper work; Precision Neuromuscular Therapy to aid in quicker response to the intended release process; Assisted Range of Motion to help restore flexibility; and other approved massage modalities.

Massage Therapy may help in recovery from minor injury to post-surgery, sports injury, chronic pain sufferers, auto-accident victims, sinus pressure relief, migraines, etc.  Massage sessions are coordinated with the current Chiropractic Plan that Dr. Besso has recommended for you.

See our brochure for more information on this new service at Besso Clinic.

BessoCOLORWhat an exciting time at Besso Clinic!  Stay connected with us on Facebook!

Enjoy your summer!


Too many meds?

Many of us are taking one medication to overcome the effects of this medication which leads to the need for another medication and so on and so on...  Does this sound like you or someone you know?


Pills, Drugs, MedicationOur bodies are not meant to ingest so many chemicals.  In fact, our body is constantly working to maintain, or get back to, a state of homeostasis or balance.  When we rely on outside, unnatural forces to "heal" us or make us feel better, our body is NOT in its natural state.

So what is the answer?  

Chiropractic Care is a wonderful, natural, and safer way to help our body regain some normalcy, balance and better health from the inside out.


Chiropractic Doctors strive to remove the barriers that are keeping the body from being able to heal itself naturally.  This is done by pinpointing the area where there is interference, and then through adjustments, remove or lessen that interference.


This is one of the best success stories we've received!  This patient suffered from a variety of illnesses, had seen countless doctors, and was on a lot of medication.

Then she came to Besso Clinic...

"When I first saw Dr. Geoff Besso, the all over body pain and aches from Fibromyalgia were so severe I was taking pain meds & ibuprofen every two hours 24/7. The brain fog was so bad that my short term memory was impaired to the point of quoting my phone number and address incorrectly for three weeks before I realized it. I had no energy and was sleeping off and on all day long. The osteoarthritis was so painful I couldn’t write or sew and had difficulty even holding a book. (It affected all my joints and back) I had asthma, heart palpitations, acid reflux and LPR.

I’ve been suffering for 25 to 30 years. In 2006 I had quit my job due to the pain and short term memory loss affecting my productivity. In 2007 I was determined fully disabled. My family doctor treated my symptoms for over 20 years with heart medications, heart catheritization, stress tests, medications for acid reflux, inhalers, and increasing Aleve to four tabs every four hours instead of four a day. My family doctor didn’t believe in Fibromyalgia and thought the pain was all in my head. The pain was so severe in my knee that I went to an orthopedic doctor needing a total knee replacement due to arthritis. I saw a Rheumatologist for the pain and he diagnosed me with osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. He prescribed pain meds, Lyrica, ibuprofen and sleeping pills.

When I first saw Dr. Besso, I was a little skeptical that the relief he laid out for me was going to be a cure all, so to speak, for all I was going through. But within three visits my pain level was lessening. After six weeks the pain was so much less that I could go eight hours without pain meds. Now at twelve weeks my discomfort for Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis is being handled. The pain in my hands have diminished so I can write and sew for several hours a day and not hurt during or afterward either. The brain fog has cleared. The pain in my shoulders is gone so I can now sleep on my sides which I couldn’t do for 20 years. My hot flashes have subsided. I have more energy and not falling asleep every two hours.

The staff is so kind and treats everyone like family. Dr. Besso has made a believer out of me. I’m spreading the word. The changes I’ve experienced are amazing!!!"

-Fay E.   Tallmadge, OH

Wow.  Amazing is right!  And we are so glad to have been given the opportunity to help her!

If you know someone who needs help like this, please contact us today for a consultation.  330.689.1234.



We are so proud to say we are participating with the Stow-Munroe-Falls Rotary Club for their annual Hero’s Day.

Saturday, May 17, 2014  8:30 AM - 1 PM.

We will have the great opportunity to serve local heroes like Veterans, former Police officers, Firefighters, and their surviving spouses.

Our Team will be assigned a home in our area and we will work for just a couple hours on making their home a little more beautiful for them to enjoy.  

So who's with us?  We need YOU to make our Team great!

Please call 330.689.1234 to sign up,

or let us know at the Front Desk.


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Welcome to Winter in Ohio!
With the snow piling up in the driveway, kids off school, and the temperatures dropping - it's official, we are in the middle of winter!  Besso Clinic is here to help you get through the next few weeks of cold and snow with some helpful hints.  And in case you are wondering, our doors are ALWAYS open for our Patients.  Rain or shine, sleet or snow - someone will always be here for you!  When in doubt, give us a call, but more than likely we will remain open for our Patients who make the trip to see us despite the weather.
For up to date postings and alerts, please go to our Facebook page.
kids making snow angels
Protect your Spine
With all the snow that needs shoveled in your driveway, remember to protect yourself as best you can using these great tips!

snow shoveling safety tips

"Can I go home and shovel after my adjustment today?"

Dr. Besso's recommendation is no. Too much strenuous activity like shoveling can actually un-do what Dr. Besso was able to accomplish with your adjustment today. Every patient is unique, so be sure to ask him at your next appointment.

Protect your investment!
Using these tips will help to keep your health and wellness goals in check. Dress in layers, warm up the large muscle groups, and take your time in this cold and snowy weather.
Your spine and body will thank you for it!


Dr. Besso and one of our Success Story Patients!

Dr. Besso and one of our Success Story Patients!


You know that Dr. Besso has helped your neck, but did you also know that NUCCA can help low back pain?  If we address the spine from the top down, it only stands to reason that NUCCA adjustments can have a positive impact on the ENTIRE spine, including the low back, hips, and legs.

Read these two Success Stories of Besso Patients who at one time suffered with low back pain.

“I sought out Besso Clinic for relief because my friend had received such great results under the NUCCA care and I thought I could finally find relief as well.

I had consistently suffered from severe pain in my hips, back and legs for years. I felt like I had run out of options.  I tried anti-inflammatory medications that never worked; saw my medical doctor, and even an orthopedic doctor that told me the only option left was to have my hip replaced.

When I first started care at Besso Clinic I noticed a difference within the first couple NUCCA relief. The pain is less severe and less frequent, and now I can do some of the things I was previously unable to do like exercise!

I have recommended many people that I know to come see Dr. Besso. Overall, I have received excellent patient service and I am always greeted with a smile and kind words; they are awesome!

-Victoria M. Akron, OH.”

“When I initially met with Dr. Besso in July of 2010, I was thinking my days of golfing were nearing an end.

Increasing lower back pain, chronic in nature, was inhibiting my golf swing as well as less severe activities. My primary care physician recommended a expert with surgery being the only practical alternative to medication (which I am not a fan of).

I began relief care at the Besso Clinic under the care of Dr. Besso and noticed significant improvements in the first few weeks of relief.

Step by step, over the next several months my back problems progressed from what I would describe as severe, to moderate to mild!

The progress was so outstanding I continued visits with Dr. Besso on a monthly basis. Today, I have virtually “Forgotten” about my back pain! I am back to golf, hiking, biking, and many other activities I previously enjoyed.

-Wayne S., Wadsworth, Ohio”


FEBRUARY TIP:  When snow falls and it’s time to shovel the driveway, remember to keep your low back in good shape with regular adjustments, stretching, and better shoveling habits.

For more on how to keep your low back in better condition, please talk to Dr. Besso at your next appointment.

If you know someone who has low back pain that is keeping them from living the life they want, please refer them to Besso Clinic.  We are committed to helping our Patients reach their health and wellness goals – from the top down, inside out.

Ask someone at the Front Desk about how to refer a friend today!

Reducing Backache from Backpacks in Stow Many students in Ohio, elementary age through college age, carry backpacks full off of school supplies. This is a very convenient way to carry around your school stuff, however, when backpacks are too heavy or worn incorrectly they can  lead to chronic back pain.

Improper backpack use can put your back at a higher risk for injuries to the musculoskeletal system, the system of muscles and bones that work together to help you move. Learning how to wear you backpack properly can help reduce backache from wearing a backpack.

Wearing your backpack off one shoulder, how ever cool that may make your child look, is one of the ways that you can put your back at a higher risk for injuries since it puts you off balance. By simply wearing both straps you can balance your load evenly and potentially reduce your risk of backache or other injuries.

So what can be done to help?

1. You should load heavy items first positioning them so that they rest against the center of your back between your shoulder blades

2. Wear your backpack in middle of your back, and not letting your backpack extend below your lower back.

3. Lighten your load. When a backpack is too heavy, your back muscles and tissues can be exposed to a higher risk of injury and backache.  The weight in your backpack should not exceed 15 percent of your body weight. Thus a typical second grader could reasonably carry about 7 and 1/2 pounds without exceeding this limit.

If you are suffering from back pain  or are concerned about the health of your child's spine your local Stow chiropractor may be able to help.

Give the Besso Clinic of Chiropractic a call at 330-845-5910.


To schedule a complimentary consultation with the Besso clinic call 330-845-5910 or just click the button below.
Book your consultation with Stow chiropractor Dr. Geoff Besso
if you are outside of the local area you can find an Upper Cervical Doctor near you at www.uppercervicalawareness.com.

Back Pain, Back Ache, Back InjuryA patient recently shared their progress with us, and the journey towards success. We wanted to pass it along to you. Our patients are experiencing increased health and wellness all the time, through our gentle and painless NUCCA technique. Contact us, we would love to talk with you about your pain, and see if we are able to help achieve success in finding relief!

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a constant aching pain in my lower back. I have suffered through this pain, and just learned to deal with it. I had tried heat, stretching, and even other chiropractors in the past with no relief, until I met Dr. Yates. He told me about this NUCCA relief care and I decided to take his advice and gave Besso Clinic a try.
I can’t believe how gentle the NUCCA relief care are! My lower back pain is nonexistent, which is such a wonderful feeling. My husband even tells me that I don’t complain about my back like a used to. Which is good for him too.
What I really like about my care is the consistent feedback about my progress and although I had to come too often for my liking in the beginning, I knew that I had to make a commitment to my health and I am so glad that I did. It was a success.
I have already recommended Dr. Yates to my friends and family because I was treated excellent by the staff. Overall I am so glad that I came to the Besso Clinic of Chiropractic.
- Barbara W.   Fairlawn, OH



To schedule a complimentary consultation with the Besso clinic call 330-845-5910 or just click the button below.
Book your consultation with Stow chiropractor Dr. Geoff Besso
if you are outside of the local area you can find an Upper Cervical Doctor near you at www.uppercervicalawareness.com.

So many times, patients share with us that they have spent many years and thousands of dollars pursuing a solution to their health care problems that they never find. It is always exciting to hear a story about someone who we were able to help BEFORE they had surgery.


In July 2011 I started to feel like my body was asleep. After 2 or 3 weeks I went to my GP and he sent me for an MRI. The MRI came back showing I had a pinched nerve in my lower back, so he sent me to an Orthopedic Doctor. He ordered a nerve test and it came back okay. He suggested we do a series of shots in my spine once a week, which did not work. All of this took me up to about the middle of November when the Doctor said I needed lower spinal surgery, which he could do the first the first week in December.

By this time it had turned into excessive pain, I was at the point that I had to use a walker to do everything. I talked to my daughter who lives in Brownsville, Texas and she told her friend who in turn called her (NUCCA Chiropractor) in Nebraska who recommended Dr. Besso in Stow, Ohio. To my surprise he was less than 2 miles away. I called for an appointment and my first was December 7th, 2011.

Since I started the NUCCA treatments, my progress has been OUTSTANDING. I am no longer in pain and have been getting back to my normal activities which I was sure I would never be able to do again. Coming here has also made it easier living in my home as well because I live in split level with stairs to go up and down no matter where you are. That was hard for me before coming here. It’s just so wonderful to walk without pain.

- Donna M.   Stow, OH

It is so humbling to help special people like Donna.  She is in her 70's and is no longer slowed down by pain and she was able to avoid surgery!  She is still coming in to get checked to "keep her on the move."

LIVE life to the Fullest,

Dr. Geoff Besso NUCCA Chiropractor Stow, OH (in the Cleveland Akron Area)

“Experience the NUCCA Difference”

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To schedule a complimentary consultation with the Besso clinic call 330-845-5910 or just click the button below.
Book your consultation with Stow chiropractor Dr. Geoff Besso
if you are outside of the local area you can find an Upper Cervical Doctor near you at www.uppercervicalawareness.com.

Back Pack, Back To School, Kids, BackPainIt's school time again and that means heavy backpacks. Carrying around a small library on your back is a sure way to lead to spinal problems. We all know proper posture is essential for spinal health. Poor posture leads to compression of discs, muscle strain and imbalance, which leads to scoliosis and degenerative disc disease. Most experts agree that a backpack should weigh no more that 10-15% of body weight.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that parents look for the following when choosing the right backpack:

Try to leave out all non-essential items laptops, video games, etc. Also, a trip to the locker as often as possible to trade out books will make a huge difference in the load.

One last thing, kids should be taught the proper way to lift a heavy backpack. As with all things (cardboard boxes with heavy items have taught us one thing) lifting with the legs, while keeping the back erect is the best way to lift a heavy backpack. This, along with strengthening abdominal/core muscles will reduce the potential for muscle strains and pulls in the back.

Just follow these simple guidelines and enjoy the school year!

If your have concerns about the healthy of your child's spine I encourage you to come in to the Besso Clinic of Chiropractic in Stow.  We use the most gentle methods to correct the spine.  Also, we look for imbalances in the spine in many advanced ways: from the use of thermal infrared imaging to a digital posture analysis.  We offer free scoliosis screenings too.

Oh, and make sure you bring your child's backpack, with a typical load, so we can take a look.


Thanks for visiting our site!


Dr. Geoff Besso and Dr. David Yates


To schedule a complimentary consultation with the Besso clinic call 330-845-5910 or just click the button below.
Book your consultation with Stow chiropractor Dr. Geoff Besso
if you are outside of the local area you can find an Upper Cervical Doctor near you at www.uppercervicalawareness.com.

"Last fall a friend informed me of a clinic where I might find some relief from the stabbing back pain I was having. I have herniated several discs in my lumbar back that was causing shooting pain going down my legs. Previously I tore my trapezius muscles which led to a stiff neck and headaches. When I would sit for more than a short time I was in misery and had to get up and move around. I have complained about sitting and back pain since I worked at Ohio Bell in the 1960’s.

In the past, I have been to chiropractors, physical therapists and I did special exercises. I’ve taken several medications to relax muscles, relieve pain, help with sleep and have had several lumbar injections, finding only temporary relief.  Besso Clinic was different. The staff was very pleasant. I didn’t have to wait long and think about how awful it was going to be to be given another prescription or injection.

The best part about Besso is there is no pain; I’m never anxious about the NUCCA relief care and have asked Dr. Besso if he was “doing” anything because of the gentle nature of the relief care. There isn’t anything to fear about this relief care. Being a nurse, I need to know everything that is going on, and I was probably the biggest skeptic that has ever walked through their doors.  Over the last four months my back pain has decreased.  I no longer have any stabbing pain in my lumbar spine. I have had less headaches and can tolerate the long hour drive in the car to get there.

I’m hoping and praying this relief continues.  I have told several people I work with, family members and friends, even people I don’t know very well, about my good results."

I give Besso Clinic permission to use this information in informing others.

Kathy B.


To schedule a complimentary consultation with the Besso clinic call 330-845-5910 or just click the button below.
Book your consultation with Stow chiropractor Dr. Geoff Besso
if you are outside of the local area you can find an Upper Cervical Doctor near you at www.uppercervicalawareness.com.


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