A Radically Different Approach to Healthcare

Upper cervical care is a radically different approach to health care.

To better understand how it works it is important to understand the body parts, how the nerve system operates and how the body communicates and functions.

Upper cervical doctors focus on the top 2 bones in the spine, the atlas and the axis or C1 and C2 respectively.  The atlas is at the top of the spine and bears the weight of our 10 pounds heads… mine might be a bit heavier, my wife claims. If the atlas is shifted out of its proper position it can cause all sorts of problems to occur.

Why would health problems occur if the Atlas is out of alignment?

The brain controls and coordinates all body functions. The part of the nerve stem that connects the brain to the rest of the body is called the brain stem, and that controls the healing process.

The brain stem flows through the top two bones in your spine, the atlas and the axis.  So, the atlas is misaligned then the messages flowing through the brain stem get interfered with, and that part of the body will malfunction.  In other words, the transmission of healing messages will be skewed and health problems develop.

This is an crucial point to note: in our office we are not relieving you for a certain condition, or simply relieving your symptoms, we are removing the interference to the nerve system so your amazing body can heal itself.

I encourage you to watch this 4 minute video for a more detailed description of our radically different approach to health care. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAGEFlc6JEs


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