"100% relief."

Bonnie is a patient who was excited about her relief care here at Besso Clinic. She is still early in her relief plan and we are looking forward to great things to come!

 As a senior citizen I had accepted that new aches and pains come and lessen but some never completely go away. An auto accident brought up new and more intense complaints that brought me to The Besso Clinic of Chiropractic. A co-worker has been an advocate of NUCCA care at The Besso Clinic, which put them foremost in my mind.

There were several problems which existed when I initiated my visits with Dr. Geoff. The most disturbing were knife like pain up the jaw to the left eye, restless leg syndrome and right hip pain which at times had me down to a snail’s pace when walking. The restless leg syndrome had aggravated me for over 3 years and the right hip pain had been 3 months with occasional tenderness prior to the onset of pain. The left eye problem followed the accident.

Pills have never impressed me as the solution to a health issue. Although I had just begun medical relief for high blood pressure, I felt there was more to be defined and treated.

In just a few visits with Dr. Geoff, my hip pain, as well as the knife like pain to the left eye and restless leg syndrome were gone, 100% relief. Friends even noted my left eye looked better as it had begun to droop. Okay, it wasn’t plastic surgery so the eye still looks a little droopy but nowhere the effect the knife like pain had inflicted upon it. The negative effects of the other conditions have lessened.

The staff is what I like most about care. They are awesome! The commitment of office appointments seems pressing but having noted the above results, how can one complain? The relief and attention to detail the doctors and staff have, made me an advocate of Upper Cervical Care, not to mention the results!

Bonnie K.

Stow, OH


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